Sell My Timeshare

The major timeshare online resale company, Sell My Timeshare, with offices in Tenerife, York and Bournemouth, offers an unrivalled range of timeshares in resorts all over Europe and in many areas of the US, the Caribbean, the Far East and Australia. Our team of qualified sales advisors are waiting to take your call, and are able to discuss your requirements over the phone or arrange to meet in our offices, where you will find all the help you need in the process of selling or buying a timeshare. This is no pressure selling: our aim is to put seller and buyer together and to work out a deal that satisfies both. Clients who need to travel long distances to a meeting are offered free four-star hotel accommodation for seven nights in Tenerife or two in the UK. is a Direct Marketing Association member and upholds its code of conduct; it also complies with EU directives.

Anyone considering buying or selling timeshares should first weigh up the advantages, disadvantages and different types of timeshare options open to them. You may want to change only the location, move to a smaller or larger timeshare, or move closer to the sea; or you may want to holiday in a new resort each year. Whatever your preference, or if you are still uncertain how to proceed, Sell My Timeshare will be able to help you decide. You may want to leave the timeshare market, or perhaps you are thinking of buying your first timeshare; if so, is a superb shop window for both. You may want a quiet little refuge for a peaceful annual break, or a base for exploration of the livelier resorts of your chosen area; either way, the expanding timeshare market ensures that a constantly changing, wide selection of properties are available. Anyone who finds that it takes a few days to settle into a new hotel will recognise another aspect of the timeshare’s enduring appeal: that cosy home-from-home feeling as you walk in the door of your regular timeshare holiday property.

However, for those to whom a change of location seems more appealing, RCI Timeshares is the ideal option. This is a scheme that enables you to exchange timeshare points or weeks for holidays in a wide choice of resorts in many countries. Perhaps you are looking for a more unusual resort away from the crowds. Monster Travel offers a range of holiday opportunities in the more familiar or less well known resorts around the world. Just take out free membership at the Monster Travel website to make online bookings with up to 75% discounts on usual online prices.

For some customers, we are an answer to their disillusionment with timeshare holidays. Unfortunately, the timeshare business has not always had a good image, which Sell My Timeshare is eager to dispel with our friendly, honest approach, and our belief that only a happy customer is good for business. Sell My Timeshare offers attractive discounts with no catches and no up-front charges or sales commission. Our customers’ wishes are paramount, and the website attests to its superb range of timeshares in all price ranges and a wide variety of locations. The world economic crisis has hit the timeshare market in recent years, with the result that more timeshares are now put up for sale. This benefits the buyer of course. However, as our many satisfied customers show, Sell My Timeshare is well known for its quality of service, whether you are buying or selling timeshares. What we sell in the end is the simple dream of the ideal holiday.

Miami Beach hotels … Where you are Welcomed with a Smile

Regardless if you are traveling for the purpose of pleasure or business, comfort at the end of your day is constantly a welcomed encounter. When you know upfront that a good night`s sleep will be waiting for you, and that you may wake rejuvenated and totally ready for taking in the sights or the all important company conference, the tone of the trip is an excellent one. When you`re conscious in advance that you`re going to wake up restored and revitalized, your trip, no matter if it is pleasure or business, is going to be stress free. Waking up for a complete day of taking in the sights or even that crucial demonstration is going to be approached with anticipation. You will definitely feel excellent whenever you are out there enjoying all of the area attractions.

Begin the day off on the right foot when you get a superb night`s sleep in Miami Beach . The services and features will definitely offer you what you are looking for. Tranquility or excitement and physical activity – it`s all here awaiting you. Any type of traveler will find the ambiance excellent for a fantastic stay. The hospitable staff is guaranteed to help make business travelers and family members likewise really feel welcome and at home.You can rest assured when touring Miami Beach that a great night`s sleep will begin your day off on the right foot. You`ll find all you could expect in service and features. No matter if you wish to de-stress in solace or perhaps be delighted with an exhilarating adventure, there is an abundance of both to go around. The welcoming atmosphere is ideal for all sorts of travelers.

Meals prepared to faultlessness by first class culinary experts is quickly available for in-room dining or brought to you by welcoming staff in the dining room. The area dishes is certain to give you a wonderful getaway. The most suitable area restaurants can be suggested to you by the helpful and courteous reception desk.

Saving time and money is simple when visiting Miami Beach if you decided on a hotel that is centrally located. You can save on the expense of cabs as well as freeing up a greater portion of your time, enabling you to see and do more while you are in the region.

Once you wake up refreshed, indulge yourself with breakfast in bed before exploring the points of interest. You might want to think about a walking tour to introduce you to some of the region highlights. Current cultural happenings are available on the various community calendars obtained online

You are certain to enjoy your stay even on a short business trip when the accommodations meet your needs. Be sure to indicate any special requests when making your booking. When making your booking, the room size, bed size and view are only a few of your options.

Rather than a taxi cab, a car hire may suit you best if you are considering any extended exploration.

You can take up the local culture with an stimulating evening out there around town. Make sure to try a new dish, take in a show or simply take it easy and people watch to get the most from the local traditions.

You will discover that all of your needs are close at hand when vacationing in Miami Beach.

Many Travel Tips That You May Have Overlooked

Whether you are traveling by boat, train, plane or car, there are lots of things to think about when you are taking a trip. Get out your notepad and get ready to write these tips down, because we’re about to tell you how you can take a great trip without the headaches.


When considering travel insurance for an upcoming trip, be sure to compare rates of providers, not forgetting to check with your credit card companies. Many times, they may provide these benefits to you at a cheaper price. Usually these benefits are not found with base-level cards, however. They may cover items such as lost luggage or trip cancellation.

If you will be driving when you travel to another country, take the time to contact your insurance carrier. They can give you any needed documentation that pertains to your insurance coverage, any additional insurance you may need and much needed advice or information about regulations for driving at your destination.

Be sure that the activities that you are going to be doing are covered under your travel insurance policy. There are some travel insurance companies that will not cover even the simplest of activities and others that will cover all of them. Read your policy completely to avoid not being covered.

Research the type of travel insurance you are considering before making the investment. Make sure that it covers things like, baggage loss or delay and emergency medical expenses, so you can recover some of the cost of your trip if your vacation plans are cut short or cancelled due to these things happening.

Hopefully you have now made yourself and checklist or to-do list about traveling. The advice set forth here should serve you well in the future as you travel whether it be for business or for pleasure. Taking a trip should be fun and exciting and now it can be with this information.

Make Your Plans For Trips With These Tips

Travel is surrounded by a sense of glamor. It is the object of desire: to see far off places, meet extraordinary people, experience beauty and adventure and the thrill of discovery. On the other hand, our travel dreams are more likely to come true if we engage in careful planning. Here are tips to help you with both the routine side of travel and expanding your vision of its options.

To easily take gels and lotions with you as you travel, use contact lens cases! These small containers have leak proof screw on lids, are portable, and can hold an entire week’s worth of whatever it is you need. These containers can be picked up very cheaply at your local drugstore or grocery store.

If you have pets, take care to make adequate arrangements for their care and feeding while you are away from your home. There are many times and conditions in which it is not enough to simply leave your pet with extra food and water for the duration of your trip.

When making hotel reservations or purchasing attraction tickets, always ask if the establishment offers a discount, as this can help you save money. Many hotels and tourist attractions offer discounts to students, children, seniors, AAA members and AARP members, but they may not advertise this. It does not hurt to ask, and you could save a substantial sum of money if they do offer a discount.

Avoid hassles entering and leaving foreign countries. Well in advance of your trip, make sure your passport is still good and all your travel documents are up-to-date. Check with the embassy of your destination country to find out what is required to enter and leave a country and be sure you have everything in order before you embark.

When you are traveling, it is great to have your name and address on all of your items. This will prevent your items from becoming lost and someone not knowing who they belong to. Consider putting return address labels on all of your items. These can be great because they will include your name and address on a convenient sticker.

If you are dealing with jet lag, sleep no more than three hours, and then force yourself to do something and get out and about. Then, by the time you arrive back at your lodging area, you will be able to sleep a full night’s sleep. Trying to stay up the whole day or night will not work, and put you in danger from being so tired.

A second set of travel-designated power adapters can put an end to forgotten cords. There is nothing worse than getting unpacked at your destination and realizing that your laptop, camera, or cell phone is useless because you forgot the charger. Purchase additional chargers for your favorite devices, and store them in your suitcase year-round. Next time you are packing for a trip, your power cords will be ready to go.

The enjoyment of travel begins with anticipation, as you plan that special trip. These tips will help you expanded your options, and may suggest intriguing new possibilities. They may also keep you from foundering on unforeseen obstacles in a foreign land. We hope these tips will help you put together a perfect plan so you can realize your travel dream.

Myrtle Beach hotels will be the pick for that traveler in the know

Pleasure or business, comfort will be appreciated at the end of your day when you are traveling. Understanding in advance you`ll be relaxed as well as rejuvenated whenever you wake up for sightseeing or possibly that very important presentation you kept going over in your mind on the flight, will help make your journey an all around superior experience. You will look forward to the visit and all this place is offering.

Start the day off on the right foot once you get an awesome night`s sleep in Myrtle Beach . Whatever you are looking for can be found with the sufficient services and amenities. Tranquility or entertainment and exercise – it is all right here waiting for you. The environment is amazing for every travelers. You will feel right at home with the welcoming surroundings the area has to offer. A welcoming getaway is certain with a stay in Myrtle Beach . Family members will love the facilities whilst business travelers will certainly value the professional services furnished. You will commence your day off on the right foot following your first evening of a relaxing night`s sleep.

Tasty food, prepared by first class culinary experts, is readily available for a superb quality dining occasion inside your spacious bedroom or the peaceful mood of the dining area. A wonderful trip is confirmed when you make use of the excellent regional dishes, To receive the information for the ideal cafe`s and eateries, be sure you ask the reception desk.

Saving time and money is simple while travelling to Myrtle Beach if you decide on an accommodation that`s centrally located. Creating more of your time will allow you to do and see more as well as save on the cost of cabs.

Start with breakfast in bed and then a workout to get your blood flowing for a perfect day out around town. You will find tons of local details on the internet to discover what current functions can be found during your stay. A walking tour may also be in order as an review of the area highlights.

Family holidays are more fun when your accommodations meet your needs. Inform reservations when making your booking of any special needs you may have. The reservation office can arrange a crib for the baby, a room with a view or any special needs that may arise.

While a taxi is quick and easy to get, a car hire could be organized to get out there and investigate the many sights.

You`ll be able to take up the regional culture by having an exhilarating night out there on the town. The local cultures are best witnessed by trying the local cooking, taking in a show or merely sitting back and people watching.

You`ll discover that all of your requirements are close at hand when staying in Myrtle Beach.

Travel Advice For Every Type Of Traveler

Whether you want to explore the world and see new places, or just make it to your in-laws house without any major disasters along the way, the tips in this article will help you get from point A to point B without any hiccups and having fun as you go.

When traveling, bring postcard stamps with you. It can be fun to send friends and family postcards during your trip, but finding a post office can be a pain. By bringing postcard stamps with you, you can just write a note and drop it in a mailbox. Some hotels may even take outgoing mail for you if it’s already stamped.

When looking at packages that include airfare, your hotel and meals among other things, make sure to compare how much this package costs to how much you would be paying for each of these things individually. Perhaps you could save money by finding your own airfare, paying for the hotels and taking your meals outside of the hotel.

Try to leave your daily schedule a little bit open so you don’t feel a strong pressure on each day. You will probably find many things there that you will want to do and by leaving yourself this flexibility you will be able to see and do all of the things that you want.

When you wish to travel “cruelty-free”, you should take care to avoid tourist attractions that consist of animal rides or having your picture taken with animals. The animals used for these purposes are often poorly cared for and even drugged and/or abused. Avoid supporting these activities by staying away from this kind of tourist entertainment.

Plan ahead when arriving at the airport for your trip. You need to allow at least sixty minutes for check-in, ninety minutes if you plan to check luggage, and two hours for international check-ins. Giving yourself enough time will mean less stress upon arrival at the airport, and gives you some breathing room should things not go according to plan.

If you are taking a road trip, you should bring cookie pans with you. Cookie sheets are a great way to provide a sort of table if you are traveling with children. They can use them to eat, color, or play card games. If you have younger children, grab some magnets and let your child stick them on the sheet.

Take your time to enjoy the country you are visiting. When you go to a restaurant in a foreign land, give yourself plenty of time to sit and savor your food and people-watch. Strike up conversations with other diners and practice speaking the native language. Make the acquaintance of other travelers.

If you take the time now to prepare for your next trip you can save yourself a lot of trouble and headaches that you may be accustomed to. Putting these tips and suggestions to good use will allow you to have a wonderful time traveling without thinking about whether or not you left the stove on.

Amsterdam hotels … Where you are Met With with a Smile

Regardless if it happens to be for the purpose of pleasure or business, when you are traveling comfort is consistently welcome at the conclusion of the day. Knowing beforehand that whenever you have to present that essential powerpoint presentation you will definitely be relaxed in addition to restored, a trip will be a far better experience. You definitely will look forward to the visit and all this place provides.

Start the day off on the right foot when you get an awesome night`s sleep in Amsterdam . Anything you are searching for is available with the ample services and amenities. Excitement, physical exercise or perhaps good old peace and quiet are right here awaiting you. The atmosphere is fantastic for any and all travellers. The hospitable employees are guaranteed to help make business travellers and families as well really feel welcome and also at home.Amsterdam is the best place to go for a hospitable getaway. The services furnished will help keep the business travelers happy while the facilities are certain to keep the family members entertained. Starting the day off on the right foot is certain following a good night`s sleep.

Scrumptious food, prepared by top notch chefs, is readily available for a fabulous dining event in your ample room or the tranquil ambiance of the dining area. Be certain to try out the local food; a necessity for an exceptional visit. To get the insiders info on the ideal cafe`s and eateries, make sure that you check with the reception desk.

Choosing a hotel in Amsterdam ought to include the closeness to the spots you are most likely to visit. A hotel closest to the tourist attractions you may well go to will permit you to clear up a greater portion of your time and conserve a great deal of cash on taxi cabs.

Breakfast in bed is a fantastic treat when away from home before going out to discover the sights. Amsterdam is stuffed with recreation to keep the entire family active during your stay. A walking tour can certainly be a superb introduction to the areas points of interest that you may want to visit at a later time on your own. The online community calendars are a good source for community details and current activities.

Short business trips can be as much fun as a family holiday when your accommodations meet your needs. Be sure to indicate any special requests when making your booking. The type of room, bed size and even the view are a few of the options you can request when making your booking.

Cabs undoubtedly are a quick and easy option for making your way around, nonetheless a car hire may work if you`re planning on getting out and about for any long distance.

You`ll be able to absorb the local lifestyle through an stimulating night out on the town. Take in a show, try a new dish or take pleasure in the popular sport of people watching.

You will discover that all of your wants are close at hand when staying in Amsterdam.

Wise Kissimmee Car Rental Choices

Having a rental car is quite convenient however renting a car in Kissimmee can easily also be high priced. You wish to make certain you comprehend all the particulars before you decide to sign anything. The very first thing you wish to do is make sure you research prices before deciding on any rental option and to have a look at the various rates.

Probably the most important element when it comes to rate is pick up time. The end of the week will cost you more to rent a car than on a week day. So if you can travel during the week it can easily be much more affordable to do so.

Car Rental Extra Items

One of the ways that a car rental company makes its revenue is by marketing you other items along with your rental. Gas, insurance and addition items can be a part of your final bill. Whilst some of these can easily be fairly nice to have, for example the insurance, you need to make sure it truly is something that you truly need.

Taxes and fees can increase your vehicle rental fee and you’ll find places where the taxes and fees are much higher. Checking the fees and taxes in a number of areas in the same town can provide incredible cost savings.

Air port Charges

Airports have unbelievable Kissimmee car rental fees so try never to lease an automobile at the air-port unless you’ve got to . Be patient and plan ahead to stay away from air-port rental fees.. Save your money by checking out the area for what else is out there.

Fill It Up

It truly is a sensible move to take time to fill up the fuel tank whenever you give back you car. If you take it back having an unfilled gas tank the company charges you you to fill it and it will not be the normal gas price per gallon.

How About Car Insurance?

Paying for auto insurance is another one of those additional items. It’s one of those things you might not need to buy through them. Consult with your insurance company to find out if you’re covered for rentals before paying for anything additional. You might be covered by the charge card you paid with as well.

Don?t Fall for Gimmicks

Don’t agree to purchase anything you do not understand or have a concern about. Do not let the company pressure you into spending money on additional items you do not wish. Choose a company which has a great reputation. There are several commercials out there for low priced car rentals however that never includes anything but the fundamental rental fee. There isn’t any extras added into that fee.

Practical Travel Tips To Make Life On The Road Easier

The travel industry is a booming business, will countless numbers of people traveling around the world each year. Whether it is to a local destination, another state, or places abroad in another continent, travel is a common practice and enjoyable experience, that is, if you take into consideration a few things. The following article will provide you with all the information you need to know when traveling.


When traveling abroad it is a good idea to find out what kind of insurance coverage you are already offered by way of your credit card companies. For instance, you may already be covered for cancelled flights that are charged to your credit card. It’s worth doing a little research before you depart.

Check over your homeowner’s insurance policy and your credit card insurance policy to see if your baggage is covered during travel. If it is covered under either of these policies you can exclude it from your travel insurance policy to save a bit of money and may make the claim process easier.

To decide if you should buy travel insurance, you need to look at how much the trip is going to cost. At some date in the future, many reservations can’t be canceled without some financial penalty. Looking to see how much is already at risk if you have to cancel is a great way to get an idea of what you might be willing to spend to insure a trip.

When considering the purchase of travel insurance, check to see if you might already be covered by your own insurance provider’s policy. Some benefits to look for that might be exclusive to travel insurance are cancellation reimbursements, coverage for interruption of the trip, ambulance coverage, and coverage of your lost belongings.

Furthermore, countless people travel all over the world yearly, making the travel business successful. Chances are you are planning a trip right now and are wondering what to do. If you remember the information provided in this article, you can easily make your next travel experience an enjoyable one.

Need Help Making Travel Plans? Get Tips Here!

If you’ve got a trip coming up, then you’ve come to the right place. Preparing for a trip can be one of the most stressful things you do. But below we have some advice for stressed out trip goers that can help things run much smoother and not leave you needing a vacation from your vacation.


Look at your health insurance policy to determine what the coverage is when you travel outside your own country. Chances are high that at some point, you will travel past your own borders. There is every possibility that you will need health care while you are away. Does your policy cover the cost of any health care you might need? You should know the answer to that question before you ever set foot across the border.

Travel insurance might be worth considering for a big ticket, non-refundable trip. The small price you will pay for insurance will be well worth it if an emergency medical situation comes up, or your baggage is lost, damaged, or even delayed. You will recoup at least some of the cost of your trip and feel some piece of mind as well.

When planning an overseas trip or any kind of dangerous outing, check with your health insurer to see what you’re covered for. Most health insurance companies will not cover injuries incurred during a wide variety of dangerous activities, and many will not cover health costs incurred overseas. You might need to purchase special traveler’s insurance for your health.

Securing travel insurance should be a priority for your upcoming vacation. Unforeseen accidents, travel hiccups or even weather anomalies, can strike at any time during your trip. Protecting yourself with insurance can relieve much of the distress involved with these types of occurrences and give you some peace of mind.

Hopefully at least some of these tips will be helpful for you on your upcoming vacation. While each tip may not work for every person and every vacation, you should now be armed with some extra knowledge to make things run a lot smoother and help you avoid any problems.

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